he looks like the asshole your dad warned you to stay away from but he bumped into you at school and you’ve just got progressively closer and now he is at the foot of your window after throwing 7 rocks up to get your attention and he is trying to get you out of the house to get you to come to his mates party and wOw fuck me

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brendon urie + total fuckboy status

If you’re a teen you must follow this blog.

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This. Is. My. Life.


in the south

  • we only refer to people as y’all. that group of people over there? y’all. our mamas? y’all. you? y’all.
  • everyone chews tobacco
  • we have wells where we can draw up sweet tea from the ground
  • nobody pursues education past the age of 12
  • we all know how to run a farm
  • we cry about the civil war at least once a day, twice on sundays 
  • only country music plays. ever 
  • y’all


please be stoked for your friends when they’ve accomplished something that they worked really hard at even if it’s the most boring ass thing your eyeballs have ever witnessed please please please for their sake just pretend to be excited


A person’s tumblr tells a lot about them. It shows what kind of images they see in their head, who they love, who they hate, even what they think about other people.